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Caulk is designed to seal joints or cracks, and protect structure joints from water, air, dust, insects and noise. Caulking can also be applied to enhance the exterior appearance of a structure. No matter your need, every caulking project should be reviewed and completed by an experienced professional.

RAM Restoration always maintains a high level of experience and professionalism on all of our projects and services. The RAM team understands caulking, window glazing, sealants and their manufacturer's application process on all types of structures including masonry control joints, stone joints, precast joints, concrete joints, windows, condos and office building. Our attention to detail and extensive knowledge of caulking and sealants ensures your product is completed properly and to your satisfaction.

Caulking Points:

  • For optimum performance, caulking must maintain good adhesion to both sides of the joint.
  • Must be able to flex with the joint when movement occurs.
  • Retro Caulking : all existing caulking must be removed.
  • Caulking over existing caulk can lead the system to fail.


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Caulking Repair Baltimore MD RAM Restoration Tidbits

Sealants are used to seal joints that move, while adhesives are used to prevent joints from moving.

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