Historic Building Restoration Services

At RAM Restoration, our historic building restoration services commence with meticulous planning to unearth, preserve, and restore the captivating structures of yesteryears. With an unparalleled grasp of historic building and landmark restoration, our team stands as a pinnacle of expertise in the industry. Armed with cutting-edge technologies, premium-grade products, and an unwavering commitment to precision, our historical and landmark restoration services are tailored to revive historic structures to their original magnificence.

Unveiling the Past, Preserving the Present

Identify and Maintain: The RAM staff embarks on a comprehensive assessment of the existing structure, collaborating closely with owners, architects, contractors, and historic societies. Our goal is to ensure that only areas warranting attention undergo repair and maintenance. We meticulously research every aspect of the restoration, meticulously matching or sourcing acceptable alternatives to uphold the authenticity of the restoration period. Throughout the project, our commitment to safety is unwavering, and areas not under repair are safeguarded from any potential damage.

Repair: Our repair approach adheres to stringent standards, meeting or surpassing the specifications of the restoration period. Be it stone, steps, windows, foundations, or other features, our repairs encompass waterproofing, patching, repointing, and more. Every repair considers the historical context, either preserving materials from the restoration period or thoughtfully substituting them with well-suited alternatives. Our team members and project managers are united in their dedication to detail. A project is deemed complete only when our meticulous final physical and visual inspection is conducted.

The RAM Restoration Difference

Choosing RAM Restoration signifies embracing a dedication to history and excellence. We don’t merely restore buildings; we revive narratives and safeguard legacies. Our services encapsulate the essence of bygone eras while ensuring structural integrity and timeless allure.

Partner with RAM Restoration to witness the revival of history, one meticulous restoration project at a time.